Traduct strongly endorsed by customers: NPS 92.5

Traduct once again gauged the satisfaction of its customers around the New Year, as we have done regularly since the early 2000s. In recent years, we have sought clear comparability with peer companies and other industries by determining our Net Promoter Score (NPS), a numerical score indicating how willing the customers are to recommend our services to others.

Traductin ihmisiä, tietokone, keskustelu

This time, we got an NPS of 92.5, a very good score considering that the maximum score is one hundred and that the average NPS of Finnish companies has been, depending on the source, somewhere around 50 points in recent years.

We asked our respondents to name their top five priorities when it comes to the quality of translation services and this is what came up: 1. Accuracy of terminology (named in 75.0% of responses), 2. Readability/usability of the text for the end user (62.5%), 3. Quick delivery time (60.0%), 4. Reliability of delivery time (57.5%) and 5. Translator’s expertise on the customer/customer’s field (50.0%).

Accuracy of terminology was, in other words, quite clearly the top priority overall, by perhaps a somewhat surprisingly clear margin. Next came the readability/usability of the text, the translator’s industry expertise and also swift and reliable delivery, with much smaller margins between them. In other words, you want quality but strictly on time.

 Another important goal for us was to collect tips and requests to improve our services, and we got a number of open responses to this end – many thanks to everyone for the feedback! The top request, albeit by a very small margin, was video subtitling, which is already a priority for us and will continue to be one. Also, editorial content and services related to graphic design and production got some mentions.

 What is your main priority in translation services? How could we support your business even better? Let us know, we are always happy to receive any feedback and requests from you!

Turkka Kulmala
Traduct’s CEO